Car Insurance

Before obtaining your quote, you should review the relevant Policy Document to understand the cover you are being offered. By obtaining a quote you agree with our Online Terms and Privacy Policy, and that you have read and understood your Duty of Disclosure. You must answer our questions correctly and completely. You must also tell us anything else that is relevant or material to our decision to insure anyone under this policy, even where we do not ask a specific question. You should call us on 0800 505 234 to advise us of anything relevant or material.

Duty of Disclosure

Before you enter into an insurance policy, you have a legal duty to disclose all information that is relevant and/or material to Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited (Vero) so that Vero can decide whether to provide you with insurance and if so, on what terms. The duty to disclose relevant or material information is not limited to the questions asked during the online purchase process. If there is anything else that is relevant or material to Vero's decision to insure you, you cannot proceed with the online purchase process. Please call us on 0800 505 234 to inform us of this information and continue the purchase of your insurance policy. If you are not sure whether you need to disclose any particular information, you can ask us by calling 0800 505 234.

Your duty of disclosure applies every time your policy is renewed and whenever you make changes to your policy. If you breach this duty, Vero may elect to avoid your policy from its beginning or the last renewal date. This means that your policy will be treated as if it never existed and you will have no cover.

Policy start date

To give you the most accurate price tell us the date you want your cover to start.
Your policy start date must be before 1st August 2022.

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Year of manufacture
This can usually be found on your registration label or paperwork.


Transmission type
If you aren't sure or have a tiptronic then choose auto.

Can’t find your car? Please give us a call on 0800 505 234 for a quote.

Cover will not be provided when the car is being driven (at the time when the loss, damage or legal Responsibility occurred) by a person less than 25 years old, unless they were:

  • using the vehicle to seek medical treatment and can produce evidence of this;
  • a commercial operator paid for repairing, servicing or testing the vehicle;
  • working for payment as a car park or car wash attendant or valet;